FALL 2020 Older Elementary Teacher’s Guide


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The Older Elementary Teacher’s Guide provides a full quarter of flexible session plans to help children in grades 3-5 experience the Bible story. Sessions follow a five-part sequence: Prepare, Connect, Encounter, Explore, and Bless. Activity options—such as Create, Move, Link, Make Peace, and more—invite older children to dig deeper into the Bible story and make connections to their own lives. Order one for each teacher. Each teacher and child will also need a copy of All of Us: God’s Story for You & Me as well as the Spotlight magazine.

New for Fall 2020, this teacher’s guide also includes Shine Connect for Elementary, a free digital resource for those teachers leading children through online Christian formation sessions—whether livestreaming or via video conferencing. Shine Connect for Elementary is a robust guide with weekly online session plans and accompanies the Primary, Older Elementary, and Multiage teacher’s guides. This free resource will become available online on July 1, 2020, and will be accessible through the QR code or URL found in the teacher’s guide.

Shine: Living in God’s Light—preparing children, youth, congregations and families to love Jesus, grow in faith, change the world.


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