“Follow the Story” Cards


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“Follow the Story” Cards summarize content from one session to another, helping everyone make connections between the Bible stories. Children who miss a session or a teacher who starts mid-quarter can quickly “catch up” without feeling left out. Teachers introduce the session’s Bible story by following a short script on the “Follow the Story” Cards. They then arrange the cards using a diagram on the back of the cover card (see image on right). This diagram helps show family relationships and the progression of biblical events. If teachers do not have space to lay out the cards, they are encouraged to simply show each card as they read the script and then lay it faceup in a pile.

Each beautifully illustrated card allows teachers to make helpful connections between the stories and identify common threads throughout the Bible. In less than 2 minutes per session, you can use the “Follow the Story” Cards to make that happen!

While the cards are included in the quarterly resource pack for Primary, Older Elementary, and Multiage, you can now purchase a set of cards separately for use in small groups or by families.


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