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Wee Wonder is a year-round 52-session curriculum for two-year-olds. Twelve creative modules introduce twos to a loving God through play, Bible stories and activities. Modules are: We come to church, God made the world, We thank God, Jesus is born, Jesus and his friends, Loving God, God is with us, Holy Week and Easter, Jesus told stories, We help others, God’s people share, Word pictures for God.

This boxed set includes one copy of all main items available for the Wee Wondercurriculum: Leader’s Guide, Bible Story Picture Sheet, and one each of the 12 Bible Activity Card packets. There are five copies of each session’s card included in every activity card packet. One card will be needed for each child for each session. Purchase more card packets according to the size of your group. Example: If you have ten children, purchase one more packet of cards per module.

The modules are not dated, and each module includes either 4 or 5 sessions. The Leader’s Guide, Bible Story Picture Sheet, and Music CD are reusable year after year.

Find more information at www.mpn.net/weewonder. 
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